Sunday, February 20, 2022

Proof of Atheism

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This is an certain disproof of the existence of any Abrahamic God, i.e. Yahweh, God, or Allah. 

This proof is personal and second-person-directed. So it is an existential proof. That is, it starts from your own personal experience of great psychological pain in sympathy to great physical or psychological pain in someone else. So the proof is not ego oriented. 

It is put forth in a logical way, but is based on intense personal experience. It is inspired by my own experience of the deaths of loved ones.  But it not supported by, or derived from those experiences.  Readers should think of the deaths of their own family and friends. 

Intensity of experience. The experience of the suffering dying and subsequent death of a loved one or close friend is as intense, although negative, as any experience any person could have of God, even through that experience would be incredibly positive. Therefore, this argument from experience cannot be refuted by any argument from personal experience of God. However, this argument cannot, and does not, refute such experience. 


Somebody you know has died, or will die, in great physical and/or psychological pain.  God, as defined by the Abrahamic religions, is all-powerful and all good. Such an entity would never allow this to happen to your loved one or friend. Therefore, God, as defined, cannot exist. Whatever God does exist (if any) can be all-good but not all powerful, or all-powerful, but not all-good. This argument does not disprove either of these. Other arguments can do that. 

Counter-argument: Great suffering just before death is an “evil,” admittedly. Yet evil is necessary for us humans to have free will.  (This is called the “Free will” defense of God, which is directed against “the problem of evil.”)

Reply:   Free will could not possibly be of any use to your loved one i. The time in which they die in agony.  They are no longer in the position of making real choices. Nor could it’s existence console you as you suffer sympathetically.   No one says, as a dying peson screams their last scream, “but it’s Okay, for God gave them free will.”  

Counter:  Eternal happinesses in heaven makes up for this suffering. 

Reply:  No good God would offer us this poor recompense which is like saying that a billion dollars recompense and tortured death of the perpetrator could make up for your being brutally raped. 

Therefore. God does not exist.  God cannot exist. God never did exist. God will never exist. 

If you accept this proof you are an atheist, and not an agnostic. 

This proof, although it borrows from many previous ones, is my own creation. If you refer to this proof, please give me credit by calling it “Leddy’s Proof.” I reserve the right to revise it, if needed. Any revision will be numbered. I will also post this on my blog Aesthetics Today and will submit it for publication in a humanist or atheist journal. It is copyrighted by me. 

Reply. Aren’t you worried about the wrath of God. 

If I am wrong, and God does exist, such a good God will reward me for this proof in heaven. I hope I do not have to prove why this is true.

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