Saturday, March 19, 2022

Comments on Adajian on Pluralism: Final Draft Presented to the ASA Pacific Division


Unity in Diversity:  Comments on Adajian’s Unity of Beauty

Thomas Leddy, San Jose,

ASA Pacific Division, March 18, 2022


Abstract:  Adajian is entirely right.

My own non-pluralist theory of beauty is to be found in Chapter 4 of my book The Extraordinary in the Ordinary: The Aesthetics of Everyday Life.

More about me:  my extended comments on Tom’s paper and on Levinson’s will be posted today on my blog Aesthetics Today

I may also comment there on Dom’s pluralism and on some of the other papers in this conference on my blog soon.

I have some other related projects.

My SJSU page gives links:

My project of photographing my neighborhood in San Jose.  This involves thousands of art photographs most of which are on my phone.  I post some on my FB page.

I am very involved in various FB groups.  I would be happy to be a FB friend with anyone here today.

I have formed a new FB group you would probably all enjoy.  Philosophical Song Lyrics.  113 members.






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